Community Outreach and Investment

By acting as a safety net for those in need, we work to strengthen and enhance communities.

What kind of society are we if we don’t help those who need our help the most?

Every day, individuals and families who are at risk of homelessness, hunger and other life crises in our communities go unnoticed by society at large. But we notice.

And we offer a variety of community programs including information and referral, food and prepared meals, thrift stores and collaborations with the faith community.

We believe that by assisting those in need – physically, mentally and spiritually – and helping them to reach their full potential, our communities becomes stronger and the lives of each and every member become better.

"As a single mom with two kids, I'm barely scrapping by and school clothes shopping is a hardship. I couldn't do it without my local Volunteers of America's thrift store."

Melissa, Columbus, OH


Whether you are hunting for a hidden treasure or a designer dress at a fraction of the original cost, shopping at our thrift stores helps those in need.

Recent economic downturns have forced people to rethink their buying habits, and more importantly, their retail establishments. Long known for a variety of goods at more attractive prices, Volunteers of America thrift shops are providing consumers what they need as they tighten their belts.

An added bonus to this retail gold mine for shoppers is that the money spent goes back into funding the many programs and services Volunteers of America provides to the more than 2 million people in communities across the nation.

For more information on donating items or shopping at our thrift stores, visit the following local offices:

  • Volunteers of America Michigan
  • Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana
  • Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania
  • You can also donate online, by phone, fax or via mail to help support the same services our thrift stores fund.

    A Volunteers of America Thrift Store Sign

    Contact a local office to find out if they accept in-kind donations or offer community outreach services in your area.